The Art of Archiving

The Art of Archiving

Carleen Dekarski Managing archives

During my time working with archives I have observed that there are many community groups, businesses and individuals that are increasingly understanding the value of the records they hold.

However, the value attributed to these records may be relevant to the groups creating them but may not meet the collecting policies of professionally set up and funded archives.

Here in lies the issue. The value is identified, a desire to capture these records permanently is expressed but often the skill set to take the desire forward is not available in-house and often neither is a suitable budget.

My concern is that records become lost to the future because people are unable to undertake the task as it seems too overwhelming or academic.

My hope is that this website works to share with you the experiences and knowledge that I have acquired through my transition into archiving and that you are able to take away some pointers that will assist you in your journey.

So, just as art has basic building blocks of techniques and principles so does the “art of archiving”. This website is intended to identify those building blocks (principles) for you, encourage them to be maintained but also to address together how we can best achieve these principles within the confines of reality and resources.

By encouraging the “art of archiving” my hope is that more people understand the value of archives and are willing to take up the challenge armed with at least the basic skills and a place to share experiences and challenges.

Happy archiving!

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