International Archives Day 2016

International Archives Day 2016

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International Archives Day 2016

International Archives Day 2016

국제 아카이브의 날 2016

Internationale Archiv Day 2016

Journée internationale des Archives 2016

Uluslararası Arşivler Günü 2016

Archives ngày Quốc tế 2016

Mednarodni Arhiv Day 2016

Archiwa międzynarodowe Day 2016

International Archives Day is celebrated every year on June 9 having been inaugurated by the International Council on Archives (ICA) to commemorate the foundation of the Council in 1948.

The ICA is an international not for profit organisation with no political affiliations. It is funded by its members and is dedicated to the effective management of archival records and preservation of the world’s archival heritage. It comprises about 1400 members in 199 countries and territories. The ICA closely collaborates with the Council of Europe, UNESCO and other similar groups. I am happy to say that I am a paying member of this organisation and love the work they do in our profession.

Why an International Archives Day? It is imperative that we continue to raise awareness of the importance of archives while also promoting the protection and free access to archives. It also provides an avenue for creators and users of archives, archivists, and policy makers to share ideas and make connections. Being an archivist can, at times, be an isolated profession, so any reason to share our passion with others (and eat cake!) has to be a good one.

Happy International Archives Day 2016 everyone!

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I have worked in the quality management, information management and archival field over the last 15 years across Australia, England and New Zealand. The progression from information management to archives was a self taught journey and one that is not unfamiliar in many businesses and communities today. My daily expertise is grounded in local government archives however the principles of archiving apply to all. I am a member of the ICA and ARANZ.